Client Of The Month

Meet the clients of the month for January, 2011: Jeff and Lisa Peterson - Wise Beyond Their Years!

In just 5 years, Jeff and Lisa have gone from being house poor with no savings to saving thousands of dollars a month and buying their second rental property in 9 months.

“We decided we never wanted to be house poor again. We use to have debt, a lot of debt. If we had something happen, like a flat tire, we couldn’t make the house payment.”

Jeff and Lisa had already made the decision to get out of debt and start saving for their retirement when I first met them, but they weren’t sure which steps to take and how to get it done.

Now in their early 30’s, they’re well on their way to buying their dream house and retiring early! As a drafter and mechanic, they make a decent income, but how they’ve used it to start building a fortune is truly impressive. They save thousands of dollars every month, PLUS contribute to a 401(K)! They purchased their first rental property last year and are now shopping for their second!

So, what are their secrets to success?

“We organize our money. We have 2 savings accounts, one that we never, ever touch unless it is an absolute emergency and one we use for our big purchases.”

“We wait until we’ve saved enough to pay for our vacations and entertainment in cash, that way we don’t have any new payments getting in the way of our investing.”

“We started asking ourselves, do we really NEED that or is it just something we want? When you really stop and look at the things you buy, most of them are just wants.”

We put together a budget and whenever we came across some extra money we never spent it, it wasn’t in our budget so it went straight towards debts and savings.”

These are just a few examples of how the Petersons have taken control of their finances. They also knew it was important to get good help and guidance. “Robert walked us through the whole process. He was very patient with our questions and ideas. He helped us set up a plan to pay off our debt...he educated us on protecting our assets and gave us several options to diversify our money.”

Jeff and Lisa have been great to work with and it’s been exciting for all of us to watch their investments grow. They protect their home, auto and rental properties with great coverage and have made sure to get the right life insurance in place just in case something happens to one of them.